Top 3 marker types used in industry

Top 3 marker types used in industry

Partex is above all a wide product range, suitable even for the most demanding users. Our products have been trusted by a wide group of customers for years. All thanks to the top quality of workmanship, which is particularly important in the industry. Our markers are very often used in the food, construction, chemical or transport industry. Do you know, which of our products their representatives choose? These are just three from a long list​!

We start from the first, which can be seen as the most inconspicuous, PZHF halogen-free flat sleeves. This product has a special place in transport! Why? Above all due to the material it is made of. PZHF sleeves, as their name indicates, are halogen-free, so in direct contact with fire-maintaining material, they emit almost no gases harmful to human health and life. This is why they are often used in trains or the underground, where electrical systems are exposed to wide temperature fluctuations.

Another of these products are cable ties detectable by metal detectors. With their properties, they made themselves at home in the food industry. Why? Because of the addition of metal filings, which enable detecting even the smallest piece of tie, which secures the system near the production line and which, if damaged, could get onto it and then directly into a product. And, as we all know, wherever food is produced, special caution standards must be followed!

The third and ultimate of the featured products is the absolute favourite of the chemical industry - PKS M1 steel markers. Why? Due to their exceptional strength. The product made of matt AISI 316 stainless steel is dedicated for extreme conditions! It is not afraid of contact with strong impact substances, such as acids or salts. It is immune to the impact of high temperatures or UV radiation. It always keeps impeccable marking legibility.

So what? Do you know what to pay particular attention, when planning a household system? Partex is always happy to help!

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