Control cabinets and panels

Control cabinets and panels

Due to the large quantities of wires, connectors, controllers and other components in a control cabinet, for efficient identification it is necessary to mark many components. Partex solutions enable marking of control wires and facility cables, connectors, controllers and components. Engraved plates and self-adhesive labels are used to label buttons, switches, etc. and nameplates or warning signs.
Marking wires

Cables are found in every control cabinet, the more complex the control circuit, the higher their density. Typically, cabinets contain hundreds of connections, however the largest may house many thousands. Good practice requires that each of them be marked. How is this best achieved? The marking process has to be efficient and thus it is necessary to select the right marking system. At Partex, you will always find the most convenient marker type for you. You can use marker holders, which you can mount earlier and complete with the content at the most convenient moment for you, or you can choose a halogen-free heat shrink sleeve or sleeve profile resistant to UV radiation. We are continually adding new solutions to our range, and are happy to help you find the best solution for your application.

Cable markers

The larger diameter cables entering control cabinets often require marking with several lines of data that must be clearly legible from a distance. For this purpose we recommend carrier strip type markers. These are easy to mount on to connected cables using plastic or stainless steel cable ties. The advantage of these type of markers is that one marker size will fit all cables, regardless of their diameter. You can choose from our range of sleeves mounted into holders or flexible markers mounted directly onto cables. The latter are available in many sizes, so you can print several lines of text, insert graphics, barcodes or QR codes. There are many methods of cable identification, we can help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

Marking components

The components used in control cabinets are as diverse as the functions they are intended to fulfil. As a result, it is difficult to standardise component markings, because the space available for the label differs between components. We offer two solutions: a reinforced self-adhesive PVC rail on to which are mounted pre-printed or write-on tiles, and self-adhesive Partex labels.

Descriptions of terminal strips (connectors)

The connection of two or more wires inside a cabinet are most often made using terminal blocks. Proper identification is essential to ensure that all connections are made correctly, and to reduce the risk of error during installation or maintenance. You can identify terminal strips or connectors using Partex printers. We can also produce the markers, if preferred.

Nameplates and buttons

Legend plates help the operator identify the correct button to press. Any lack of clarity in the labelling of buttons can result in serious consequences. Plates should not only be legible and aesthetic, but equally importantly — durable. The key to the selection of material used to make button legends and nameplates is to determine their intended operating conditions. You can choose engraved plates of high mechanical strength laminate or you can produce your own very durable, foam-polyester labels, suitable even for use in an oily environment, using our printers.

Cable terminals and tools

Efficient routing of wires and cables in a control cabinet requires the use of suitable tools and accessories. The right choice of cable terminal is essential for the future operation of the system. We offer a very wide range of terminals, with or without insulation, enabling you to select the best solution for your application. Partex also offer an extensive range of tools, from crimping tools, cable tie tensioning and cutting tools, to insulation stripping tools and heat guns.

Information boards

In addition to legend plates, control cabinets often require information/data plates. We can make customer information boards from an engraved laminate which features high mechanical strength. Depending on your requirements, plates may be attached using a self-adhesive backing or riveted using pre drilled holes. Furthermore, Partex offers equipment, enabling you to make these plates yourself.

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