Marking industrial systems

Marking industrial systems

Electrical, ICT or fire protection systems used in industrial systems should be characterised by durability, precision and safety. Partex can boast of a wide range of mounting and cable marking products for all industries.
Fire systems

Special markers and steel cable ties and mounts are indispensable when installing fire protection systems, such as pumps, sprinklers, fog and gas systems. Resistant to extreme temperatures, stainless steel ties and embossed steel markers are durable, and remain legible even in the event of fire. Indestructible and legible descriptions of the system will enable it to be used properly, when needed.

Products for cable runs

Partex supply a wide range of cable ties to secure your cable runs. Our cable ties can help you to retain cable harnesses in their rightful place. We supply cable ties manufactured from halogen-free plastic or stainless steel. You can bundle cable harnesses permanently, using strong single use ties or use releasable ties, which enable you to more easily add cables to the harness in the future.

Electrical and ICT systems

To ensure the proper identification of all cables within systems, we recommend using a flexible marker that is large enough to hold all the required information - such as text, digital code or QR code - and which can be applied directly to the cable with ties. Alternatively, a marker may be mounted on a special holder, or carrier strip, and fixed in place using cable ties.

Marking and sealing ICT systems

ICT systems can be very varied: warning, monitoring, access control, communications, etc. They often need to be accessed for servicing, or to apply modifications or upgrades. A properly designed and manufactured nameplate can hold a lot of information: system information, serial numbers, service dates, access permission warnings, etc. Another common marking solution is circular steel plates, these can be mounted using ball chains or ties. Narrow nylon ties can also constitute a seal to give visible evidence of tampering.

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