Visual identification

Visual identification

Visual identification is crucial for health and safety in any industry. Every construction site, factory or hall must be marked in a durable, legible and intelligible manner with markings suitable for the given application. Partex supply self-adhesive labels, engraved laminate and steel plates for these applications.
Marking rooms

Proper signage can increase safety and comfort in the workplace. Engraved, inkjet printed plates can provide clear identification or warning notices to identify certain areas. For example, rest and refreshment or restricted access rooms, areas subject to harmful radiation or high temperatures. They can also be used to mark everyday objects, such as shelves, lockers and safe boxes. Engraved plates are perfect for this application.

Safety signs

The, strict adherence to safety rules in any industry is very important. Partex can supply boards with coloured inkjet print and/or dual-colour PGL-engraved plates provide safety information for applications such as: emergency escape signs, fire protection, electrical signs and all types of instructions and lists.

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