ICT and electrical systems

ICT and electrical systems

We are experts in the identification of ICT systems. Our products are used for the identification of the cameras, wires and components of: safety systems, fire protection systems, telecommunications systems, BMS and HMS building automation and low voltage electrical systems. Each of our markers is also available in an alternative, halogen-free version. Using halogen-free materials is of particular importance in public buildings and utilities.
Marking low voltage cables

Low voltage system wires and cables are usually identified by markers that are installed using one or two cable ties. The benefit of this solution is that a single size of marker can be used regardless of the cable diameter. You can produce your own markers on site using a Partex printer, or order them ready printed from us. We can offer standard or halogen-free versions.

Marking industrial cameras

Industrial cameras of surveillance systems can be identified with foam backed labels. Partex EPL labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The label is flexible and has very strong adhesive. It can also be attached to curved surfaces, which is crucial for many applications.

Marking of boxes and cabinets

Foam backed labels or engraved plates are perfect as nameplates and to identify system boxes used in fire signalling, CCTV, access control or emergency escape systems. These labels are 0.8 mm thick, and offer perfect adhesion to curved or uneven surfaces, such as powder-coated doors or panel fronts.

Marking of boards and modular components

For simple identification of modular components, such as fuses, differential current switches etc., use self-adhesive labels printed on a portable Partex printer. If the marker is to hold more data, then you may need a larger foam backed label, or an engraved plate.

Marking individual cables

Single cores inside cabinets are usually marked using single digit markers, i.e. pre-printed markers that can be arranged in any combination required. We manufacture two types of single digit markers: markers that fit over the end of the cable before it is connected, and markers for pressing or latching on to an already connected cable. Several sizes of each type are available to fit a wide range of cable diameters. These markers are also available in safe, halogen-free versions.

Marking of sockets

Electrical and Ethernet sockets can be identified with self-adhesive polypropylene or foam backed labels, printed on a thermal printer.

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