Identification of control cables, control and measurement instrumentation and automation

Identification of control cables, control and measurement instrumentation and automation

We have many years of experience in control and measurement equipment marking, in industrial facilities, power plants, CHP stations and steelworks. Partex solutions in this field include: KKS stainless steel markers, labels and signs for valves, controller, sensors and other measurement equipment, and control panel markers
Markers for control and power supply cables

Control cables may need to be marked with information including: cable number, cable type and section or target device number and KKS data. Each of our solutions for marking control cables are available in several sizes, supporting multiple lines of text lines on the larger sizes. The available marker materials are: PVC (thermal print), ZEREX - halogen-free (thermal print) and acid-resistant AISI 316L stainless steel (embossed).

Identification of control and measurement components

Ideal solutions for the marking and inventory of components in energy facilities are offered by our self-adhesive labels, and steel or plastic engraved plates. They can be glued, hung on a chain, or attached to a pipe with a cable tie. The labels may include letters and numbers, logos and a generated barcode or QR code.

Marking cables in the KKS system

KKS (Kraftwerk – Kennzeichen - System) is a data coding and identification system commonly used in power stations. It was created in response to the increasing system complexity and very large numbers of components, equipment and systems in power plants and CHP stations. The adoption of a uniform marking system enables efficient management and processing of data on all equipment and cables operating in the given facility. The KKS number can be embossed on a steel marker or engraved onto a plastic plate. A QR code can be used to hold a large amount of additional information.

Marking cabinets and boxes in the KKS system

The surface of powder-coated cabinets are often uneven. Labels glued to such a coarse surface must be of a suitable thickness and have strong adhesive. Partex supply labels and plates suitable for this purpose. Plates may also be riveted or bolted in place to ensure a permanent fixture to the cabinet door. We can engrave the identification information for you in a UV-resistant, double layer laminate or stainless steel.

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