Data centre equipment

Data centre equipment

Modern business operations depend on the efficient operation of computer systems. In the selection of data centre equipment a series of factors must be considered to increase the safety and reliability of operation. In the data centre every patch panel, every cable terminal and every equipment port must be marked. To facilitate the entire marking process of structural networks, we recommend our range of marker printers, cable markers and self-adhesive labels.
Marking patch-cords

Data transmission using fibre optic systems is increasingly commonplace. Proper marking of patch cords and pigtail wires saves time and money in the event of failure or upgrade. Partex recommends clip-on markers and/or self-laminating labels for this purpose. With them, you can easily replace a marker if you need to re-connect cables in the rack cabinet and change the connection labels. These markers can also be retro-fitted onto an existing system, without the need to disconnect cables.

Marking rack cabinets

Rack cabinets are not only found in server rooms, but also in recording studios and industrial control rooms. They have many components that require identifying. The most common component is a patch panel with several lines of sockets, which you can identify easily with our self-adhesive labels. A neatly arranged patch cabinet, with properly marked cable harnesses and labelled ports, will ensure easy servicing and speedy troubleshooting.

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