Construction of GSM stations

Construction of GSM stations

The efficient operation of each relay station, also referred to as a base station or BTS, depends on power supply, optical and transmission cabinets, as well as transceivers, which may be mounted in rooms or high above the ground on telecommunications masts. All these components, connected with DC, FO and RF cables, require legible, durable markings that are resistant to ageing and sunlight.
Marking external cables

In BTS stations, transmission cables used outside the station are exposed to the weather and UV radiation. Thus, our markers are required to be resistant to environmental conditions, as well as UV, so that the print does not change with the passing of time.

Marking internal cables

Cables installed inside the GSM station are commonly marked at both ends, both at the device and at the module, fuse or connector. Here, easy replacement of the marker, in case of station expansion or upgrade, is important. For this purpose we recommend marker inserts, used with a transparent holder, fastened with cable ties.

Marking feeders and jumpers

Feeder cables usually have a large cross section, they require markers with a much larger description surface, so that identification text is clear and visible from a distance. Like outdoor cables, feeders and jumpers are often exposed to external environmental conditions and must remain legible after many years of installation.

Marking fibre optic cables

A BTS station is usually connected to a network by fibre optic cable. The cables are often buried in the ground, so they, and their markers, must be resistant to the environment and the passing of time. For this purpose, it is best to use markers installed along the entire length of a cable route, fastened in place with cable ties. The large print area of the marker allows it to hold a lot of information, and the bright yellow colour allows them to be clearly visible.

Mounting cables

The secure mounting of cables is as important for operating efficiency as the proper selection of markers. Cable ties that are used outdoors should be weather and UV resistant to ensure a lasting secure fixing.

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