Automotive factories can be thousands of square metres in size, with very extensive and complex production lines. Partex offers products that meet the high reliability and durability requirements of the automotive industry.
Marking hydraulic hoses

Production line machines and equipment use innumerable hydraulic systems, including hoses of many types and sizes. To expedite their replacement in case of damage, proper identification is essential. The marking system must be durable and resistant to potential hydraulic oil leakages. We provide dedicated solutions for these applications. You can choose printed markers or a system of single digit markers.

Identification of cable harnesses

Within cable harnesses, both the individual core and the entire assembly are important. Each must reach its proper place of connection. Industrial automation integrators often use the services of subcontractors to manufacture cable harnesses. Partex have accumulated many years of experience working with manufacturers and prefabricators, by delivering to them the ideal marking solution - from small thermal heat shrink sleeves, to markers mounted onto larger diameter cables with cable ties.

Protection and routing of wires

In many applications, cables and wires may be subject to mechanical damage or extremes of temperature. To prevent such damage, suitable protection materials are used. They are available in several versions, depending on the purpose. The most popular are flexible protection braids for sliding over an entire harness. Partex provides these braids for the protection of cables with diameters from 2 up to 75 mm.

Mounting cables and wires

As essential as the clear marking of cables is, proper cable routing is equally important. For this purpose, a series of holders and special fixings are used. The wide Partex range enables you to select the right solution for your needs.

Terminating wires and cables

No electrician, or electrical and automation engineer, can do their job efficiently without the proper tools. Each of them must have a set of tools, which may include crimping tools for cable terminals, cable cutters and strippers. Partex can provide customers with these tools as well as handy terminal kits, containing a range of terminals and a suitable crimping tool.

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