Marking switchgear

Marking switchgear

Switchgear consist of connections, buses and insulation components used to control and protect electrical equipment in electric power systems. To ensure safe operation, switchgear components must be labelled with clear and durable markings. Our universal marking system consists of: cable markers, markers for the power supply and control cables, marking of terminal strips, and marking of components, i.e. contactors, relays, lights and buttons and nameplates.
Identifying cables

Cables and wires are a critical component of switchgear equipment. Marking them needs to be quick, and the markers legible for years. Whether the requirement is for a simple identification code or a full address; Whether the marker is to be placed on the cable before it has been terminated, or after it has been fixed in place; Our range includes solutions: from single digit markers to multi digit sleeves.

Labelling lights and buttons

Panel mounted pushbuttons, switches and indicator lamps can be marked in two ways: using proprietary holders, into which a description plate is inserted, or by applying a suitable label directly onto the panel or cabinet door. You can make these labels yourself in standardised sizes, using our equipment, or order them from us ready made, according to your specification.


An identification plate fitted to the outside of switchgear or a control panel acts as a business card for its installer. It can include contact information, product description or additional information, such as a CE mark, date of installation etc. The plate material must be selected according to the switchgear operating conditions. Cabinets operating under very challenging conditions could be identified using laser-engraved steel plates. Others, can be marked using thermal-printed foam backed labels or laser engraved plates.

Marking terminal blocks

A terminal block, or connector, is used primarily to connect two or more cables. We make markers that fit most terminals from leading manufacturers. You can mark them yourself using our printing equipment or order them already printed from us, if you prefer.

Component marking

You can mark contactors, relays, controllers and other components using various self-adhesive labels, printed on Partex equipment or a standard office laser printer. To mark modular components, we can offer polypropylene labels in standardised sizes or engraved plates to match the module width.

Cable markers

Power supply and control cables entering switchgear can be marked with addresses or KKS markings. The KKS system is a unique identification code used for power plants and CHP stations. Partex cable markers, for this purpose, allow multiple lines of description and a QR code, which can be read using a scanner or smartphone.

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